In place of our regular children's programs, here's what we're doing to stay connected with your kids during this season, to continue to teach them about God's love for them, and to provide resources to help you at home.

For family worship time, we've launched a new "Discipleship in a Box" program (see below). We also have a Family Worship Playlist, which includes a fun video with tips for family worship, as well as story time videos with the Sunday School teachers.  Here are some extra resources Children's Ministry recommends for your family worship time at home:

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discipleship in a box

We're introducing a new, integrated worship plan for kids, teens, and their families. It's not only versatile, it's also free! When you sign up you'll receive a box each month based on the Sunday Sermon series. The box contains 4 weeks worth of lessons, activities, craft materials, and fun extras that you can work on at your own pace. Boxes are available for pick up at TBC, so sign up soon for yours & see your household become a place of family discipleship! 

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Scroll down for a video introduction and visit our YouTube channel for more video lessons.